Students will learn the skills of Archery and improve their hand and eye coordination while having fun.

Bush Art

You will be required to head out around the campsite, collecting any number of beautiful items to then take back to the art room and create and all natural masterpiece.

Camp fire

Really authenticate the camping experience!! Students and teachers can sit around the campfire toasting marshmallows, telling scary stories and singing some good old campfire tunes.

Bush cooking

Students will be given a chance to use the fire as an oven, cooking damper and toffee apples. They will then have a chance to chill out around the camp fire and eat their creations while bonding with one and other.


Hop into a canoe and head out for a lovely day on the lake. With certified instructors everyone will be safe and happy!

Flying Fox

Get harnessed up and go flying down through the trees along our 120m Flying Fox.

Frisbee Golf

Students can challenge their friends to a round or two of golf. But not your normal golf, here we use freebies. Count how many throws it takes them to get to the flag or play nearest the pin, it’s entirely up to you.

Giant Swing

Brace yourself for this one!!! Here students will be harnessed up and then pulled by their friends to a height of their choice where they will the pull the release cord and hopefully hold onto their stomachs as they go swinging through the air.

Hut Building

Put their survival skills to the test as the students will have to form groups and build a hut that will protect all members of their group from the dreaded ‘rain cloud’.


Students will work in groups of three to navigate the campsite and find all the letters required to make a sentence. They must then put their heads together and work out what the secret message may be!

Photo Trail

Students will again form groups of three and work together to find the real life versions of the photos given to them. With varying levels of difficulty this is a great activity for any age group.

Rock wall

Students will be challenged to make it the whole way around our horizontal rock climbing wall without touching the ground. And if that isn’t challenging enough see if they can do it in the DARK with rocks that glow!


This low ropes course is a great chance for students to challenge themselves as well as working together and encouraging each other through the many different components if the course.


Spend some down time having a bounce on the in ground trampoline that everyone is sure to love!